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in the direction of young traditional musicians

Yerevan on Sunday, May 5th

On an idea proposed by the ArmenTrad website team,
a sponsorship action was launched to reward
young and elite traditional musicians in Armenia
with the aim of encouraging them to perpetuate
musical traditions in their country.

In an anonymous way, Parisian donors,
members of the associations
"Traditions-Rencontre", "Accolades" and "Paris Intemporels",
were spontaneously seduced by this project
and offered to make it a reality financially.

Successful event, it's a first in Armenia!

Supervised by their teachers, about sixty musicians
performed individually and collectively
at a Gala organized by Messrs Karapet and Hovhannes Hakobyan
held on Sunday, May 5, 2019 in Yerevan.

Young people were financially rewarded.

Every year, we wish to give a lasting follow-up
to this action of encouragement so that the young musicians of Armenia
feel supported in their attachment to the traditional music.

↓ Full original video of the Gala ↓
Posted on YouTube by David studio.

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↓ Photos of the Gala ↓
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"Metz Hayk" Dhol ensemble,
musical direction, Hovhannes Hakobyan

"Mush" Duduk ensemble,
musical direction, Mushegh Nazaretyan

Alexander Grigoryan, Tar, from Z. Sahakyants music school,
of Abovyan town, teacher, Armen Yeganyan

"Haykazun" Dhol ensemble,
musical direction, Karen Gevorgyan

"Dudukner" Duduk quartet,
musical direction, Giorgy Minasov

Hovhannes Hayrapetyan, Kamancha,
teacher, Vahan Gasparyan

Dianna Baghinyan, Ud,
teacher, Vahan Avetisyan

Mery Musinyan and Kristine Yengoyan, Kanon,
teacher, Tzovinar Hovhannisyan

Alexander Achemyan school Dhol ensemble,
musical direction, Hovhannes Hakobyan

The organizer Karapet Hakobyan
together with the teachers