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Machanents center of Etchmiadzin 2024


On Saturday January 27, 2024, to mark the new year,
young musicians, singers and dancers under the artistic
direction of Karapet Hakobyan gave a performance for
refugee children from Artsakh, in the bucolic setting
of the Machanents center of Etchmiadzin in cooperation
with the association Solidarité Protestante France-Armenie,
SPFA, led in Yerevan by Habetnak Hakobyan.


↓ Full original video of the event ↓
Posted on YouTube by David studio.

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↓ Photos of the event ↓
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Audience in the hall, photo 1


Audience in the hall, photo 2

Presenter of the show, Marianna Babakhanyan

Dhol players, Armen Mkrtchyan, Benik Nikoghosyan and Grigor Khachatryan

Singer, Mkhitar Mkhitaryan, a refugee from Artsakh

“Fors” Dance Ensemble, under the direction of Arevik Manukyan

1st female singer, Milena Gasparyan

Children dancing with the singer Milena Gasparyan

Cameraman, Davit Chaparyan

Kanon, Elen Tovmasyan

2nd female singer, Karine Hovhannisyan

Children from Artsakh with their gifts, accompanied by Mr. Habetnak Hakobyan