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Thanks again to the generous participation of our donors which
we warmly thank, an artistic animation was offered in a friendly
spirit for the residents of the Vanadzor Retirement Home
on Thursday, April 7, 2022 under the direction
of our friend and correspondent Karapet Hakobyan.

A great emotion was shared between all the participants
and the residents of this retirement home.

Everyone had a great time for this gift!


↓ Full original video of the event ↓
Posted on YouTube by David studio.

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↓ Photos of the event ↓
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The participants in front of the porch of the residence

Karapet Hakobyan surrounded by the young kamanchist
Ararat Tchakaryan and the young tarist Varoujan Avagyan

Karapet Hakobyan among the young dancers
of the Horovel ensemble of Vanadzor

Group of resident spectators of the Retirement Home

Other group of resident spectators

Ethnographic dance by the young dancers

Dance by the residents

Hovhannes Ohanyants

Tar, Varujan Avagyan,
accompanied at the Dhol by Hovhannes Hakobyan

Kamancha, Ararat Tchakaryan,
accompanied at the Dhol by Hovhannes Hakobyan

Duduk, Vatche Gabrielyan,
accompanied at the Dhol by Hovhannes Hakobyan